Darby working on “Ghostriders over Afghanistan” in December 2010


Darby Perrin Aviation Art
Welcome to Darby Perrin Aviation Art. This site is an accumulation of more than 24 years of art and creativity. It’s always evolving, and hopefully, getting better as I continue to paint and design.
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Although most of what you will see here is militaryaviation, my subject matter varies from landscapes and still-lifes, pin-ups and portraits. Aviation, however, holds a special place in my life, not only as a worthy subject matter but also as a primary vocation. I have been an Aircrew member in the U.S. Air Force off and on since 1986. I am currently a KC-135 Boom Operator in Oklahoma. I love the job and it offers a unique view on aviation that most will never know.

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See the full story here: http://www.citamn.afrc.af.mil/features/story.asp?id=123326436