18 inches X 28 inches. Signed and numbered, edition of 150 Giclee` reproductions, printed on canvas.

Werner Voss (1897-1917) was one of Manfred von Richthofen's closest rivals as an air ace during the 1916-17 period, with 48 victories to his credit.

In September 1917, Voss was flying in his Fokker Triplane, when a flight from No. 56 Squadron bounced him. In an epic dogfight, Voss held his own against seven S.E.5's led by James McCudden. All seven of the British pilots were aces, yet Voss outflew them and filled every S.E.5 with lead. Finally, the German received a telling blow from Lt. Rhys-Davids, and the Fokker fell to the ground and exploded. Voss died before he could celebrate his twenty-first birthday.

"I shall never forget my admiration for that German pilot, who single handed, fought seven of us for ten minutes. I saw him go into a fairly steep dive and so I continued to watch, and then saw the triplane hit the ground and disappear into a thousand fragments, for it seemed to me that it literally went into powder."

-James McCudden

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