17 inches X 25 inches (16 X 24 image size). Edition of 500 Signed & Numbered prints.

A Japanese A6M5 "Zero" succumbs to the sea as her pilot ponders his possible fate. The victors, a pair of P-38 "Lightnings" circle overhead. The A6M fighter was a formidable opponent for the allied fighters that flew in combat against it. The Zero design had its limitations. Its design philosophy was on maneuverability, not speed. The Japanese tactical assumptions, that maneuverability was the prime factor in the success of a fighter design, were to be proven false as the war dragged on. While the Zero was fairly fast in 1941, the Allies soon introduced big fast armored fighters that could compete against the Japanese Zero. Even the later models of the Zero were unable to offset the inherent limitations of its design. With the introduction of the P38, Corsair and Hellcat the Zero's days of air domination came to an end.

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