30 inches X 15 inches (28 X 11 1/2 image size)  Edition of 500 signed and numbered lithographs

The Airborne Early Warning Association (AEWA) has once again commissioned me to create an original painting and prints to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the USAF Boeing E-3 AWACS. The subject is a Block 30/35 E-3 aircraft departing runway 17 at Tinker AFB, OK. In the background is the Tinker Base Operations Hanger and on the Base Operations ramp are the ghostly image sof an EC-121, E-2C and an E-737 Wedgetail. AEW aircraft on the ramp represent a committee of past and future AEW aircraft.

This is a limited edition print and there will only be 552 copies made. The full-color lithographs are signed and numbered. The bottom border contains the 552 ACW Patch and the AEWA Logo and the title Continuing the Legacy.

Price: $75.00

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